10 Things Only A True German Shepherd Parent Can Tell You

Bailey the German Shepherd posing for the camera

Posted On June 29, 2020

Okay, so, we all know German Shepherds are loyal, brave, strong, clever, agile and powerful – but there’s some things that only a german shepherd owner knows. 

We love them dearly, don’t get me wrong! But there are some things you just don’t know until you get them – and some of them? Are a pain in the butt!! So here it is!! — I do warn you – there’s a lot of lofty sarcasm, so if you don’t know me? Remember I’m British and have a really dry sense of humour!! 

1 – They are the quietest breed of dog ever…

Featuring a super deep howled Bailey! You can find him on Instagram @baileyblackgsd 

Howl if you love ice cream! Known for their stature and imposing stance, german shepherds are regal, royal and right whiners! Howlers, barkers, borkers, and huffers to boot! They just seem to love the sound of their own darned voice some times – Haha, but we love them and their noisiness. (Promise Bailey got some ice cream! No shepherds were deprived in the making of this video).

2 – It’s all about the ball.

Featuring Logan from @the_smiley_shepherds_of_essex

They don’t always need a ball? But when they have one, or there’s one even vaguely in their vicinity? It’s all they’re going to pay attention to. Even if it’s a football that doesn’t belong to them. Pure focus. Get used to saying “Not your ball” because you know they’re just answering, “But! But! That human is slow and it could totally be my ball then?!” Honestly, Michael Flatley could Riverdance on their noggin and they would be totally clueless if there was a ball around (No, I know, I realise, Logan’s isn’t a ball, but it’s still a valid point!).

3 – “Sorry, your sofa? You mean my bed?”

Indie the German Shepherd Sofa Hog

Featuring my boy Indie! You can find him on our instagram @rovepetservices !

Applies equally to your bed, your chair, your spot. If it might be comfortable, even if it’s too small, that’s not yours any more, it belongs to your shepherd now, sorry! Well, they’re not really sorry, they’re comfy, and you don’t have the heart to move them. So be prepared to lose your favourite spot if you’re considering getting one! 


4 – They seriously shed….

Cody the German Shepherd, glorious fluffy pet of Anna from @TheDogHouse_Leics

Fur, glorious fur! I’ve genuinely thought about seeing if you can recycle naturally shed fur from dog as some sort of stuffing for a duvet – I mean – it’s a free byproduct of owning my dog, totally sustainable – maybe not great for allergies either to be fair.
And every season, I forget just how bad it is when they come to blow their coat. Batton down the hatches! The war against the tumble-furs is upon us! Rally your hoovers! Your brooms! Your mops! We will not lose! 

5 – They have the best puppy ears

Featuring Xena’s wonderfully bat-like ears! She and her puppy-daddy and son can be found at @the_smiley_shepherds_of_essex !

Whether they meet in the middle and make a bishop’s hat (or a Teepee!) or just act like radars – your Shepherd’s puppy ears are some of the most magnificent things! It’s almost a shame they have to grow into them – awwwww just so cute! Yet, can they hear you when you want them to? Highly doubtful!


6 – you are allowed zero personal space 

This is Kenzo from @Kenzo_kyra_gsd on Instagram! 

Bathing alone? Going to the toilet? Sitting on the sofa with relative comfort? I don’t think so – did we mentioned the ball obsessed thing? Oh yeah, but seriously? Even your Bathroom isn’t safe, they’ll happily invade personal time, toilet time, and worse! Not to mention pretending their lapdogs… 40-ish kilos of lapdog totally works out well for all involved, right?

7 – they occupy doorways or other awkward spots

Prince the German Shepherd Dog awkwardly occupying a doorway

This gorgeous boy ins Prince! He isn’t an insta-puppy though, so, you’ll just have to love him here ❤️

Doorways, hallways, tops of staircases… anywhere even remotely awkward or limited for space? That’s definitely a spot for a dog to sprawl out and go for a snooze! You want to get by, that’s done at your own peril… I always joke that my boy’s middle name is Way because he’s always Indie Way… get it? In Dee Way? I’m here all week 🤦‍♀️  Seriously though! They’re just great big draft excluders.


8 – “I am speed, I am grace, oops I hit you with my face”

Bear showing off is skills, you can find more of Bear on his Instagram @BearTheBlueGSD!

For a breed built to be agile, deft, smart and graceful – sometimes they are the epitome of clumsy! Misjudge how small a gap is? Check. Slip off of something because it’s narrower than they thought? Check! Goodness only knows but they will surprise you with it someday!

9 – Shepherds are Super Sneaky


Logan telling his son, Hades, that he is just not as sneaky as he thinks he is @the_smiley_shepherds_of_essex

Every shepherd will tell you that they have stealth at ninja levels, but … let’s face it, around 40 kilos of fur, muscle and teeth? You’re not sneaking up on much in suburbia! They’re gorgeous, smart, and awesome fun – but gosh – sometimes they do miss a trick!

10 – They are always the best looking in the room

Featuring Bailey, who you can find @baileyblackgsd on Instagram!

Doesn’t matter who, Angelina Jolie could be there, alongside a stunning German Shepherd in one of their regal poses? You know no one is looking at the lady… Angelica who? Isn’t that dog stunning? Gosh… And who can blame them?! Our shepherds are a wonderful breed. Handsom, pretty, gorgeous, beautiful, whatever you want to call them – they are stunning. 

And that’s it! How many of those are your shepherd? haha, I know they all sum up my boy, Indie! Being a Shepherd owner is awesome, we are privileged and so lucky to have one of these awesome dogs. We love them, and they love us. They protect us, and do jobs that few dogs can do. We are grateful for our Shepherds and all Shepherds.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who contributed videos or pictures for this! I’m so pleased to see all these gorgeous fluffy butts in this post! Thank you! ❤️ If anyone wants to see more of this GORGEOUS bunch, make sure to check out their Instagrams and give them a follow.

If you recognise your shepherd in these words (or pictures!) why not share with your shepherd loving friends? That way we can all laugh at how wonderfully silly our beloved dogs are! Or tag a friend on socials who might enjoy this!

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