22 Most Popular Names for German Shepherds

picking the perfect name for a german shepherd puppy from these twenty two popular names

Posted On November 4, 2020

I found it so unbearably tough to name Indie (my German Shepherd cross) – knowing that I’d have to call it and deal with it every day – not to mention that he might get teased by the other puppies in puppy school if I named him poorly…

Well, okay, the last is a little silly, but you know what I mean!

Looking for the right name is tough, you are likely looking through loads of lists looking for inspiration. Well, look no further compadre! (maybe I should go german there…) I meant to say, look no further, freund!  Because this is the top twenty-two german shepherd names, as voted for by the German shepherd owners on facebook’s German Shepherd Discussion & Training group!

He looks like a Leo, right? thinking of naming your german shepherd dog? these names are great!

Maybe, you just want to know if your name ranks in the top 20 names! No harm there either Kumpel, why not let me know?

Ready for the count down? *DRUM ROLL*

22 – LEO

Inspired by horoscopes — haha – almost certainly not. Not our regal German Shepherds! Leo – after Lions, obviously – is almost certainly because of the gorgeous fluffy mane our wonderful breeds exhibit, not to mention their boldness and power! A fine name for any shep!

21 – AXEL

This name has been popular in its variations (such as Axl, excuse me whilst I break into sweet child o’ mine) for a long time, rather a classic name of stern stuff, it feels robust right? Which fits the breed for sure! Full of metal and teeth! (if you haven’t gone and listened, or at least humming sweet child o’ mine, you’re disowned, please don’t come back!)

20 – ZOE

A name that is greek for life…I mean… Wow, how appropriate? Our dogs are our lives, right? No wonder its such a popular name for our girlies! It also has enough strength to the name that I think it definitely suits a GSD more than other breeds. Good solid name! 

Apollo lounging in autumn leaves. Thinking of naming your german shepherd dog? these names are great!


The Chariot riding greek god responsible for raising the sun and lowering it every day. The son of Zeus, and a powerful twin brother of Artemis – a worthy name for this gorgeous breed, strong and steadfast, as reliable as the sun rising every day. What a wonderful thing to be named for.

18 – SASHA

A diminutive form of Alexandra in Russia, (so naturally I love it!) it’s a good powerful female name for a Shepherd, something that originates in the meaning of defender of men – now if that isn’t perfect for a German Shepherd? Then I don’t know what is! 

Sasha looking adorable. Thinking of naming your german shepherd dog? these names are great!


An old English name rooted in the meaning of steward – and that’s pretty right, huh? Our dogs are our stewards, they can be our Bailey too, what a cute name. Feels like a long haired GSD though, right? Do you agree? Very nice.

16 – ROCKY

Perhaps made popular by the movie of the same name? The famous fictional boxer from Philly is definitely someone to look up to right? A dogged determination to achieve. Sounds like a Shepherd, huh? Or maybe it’s for the mountains in the US! Because we know our sheps are truly steadfast. 


A neo-macho name (fancy terms now, watch out) – and whilst I definitely associate this with fuel, did you know this is a name of german origin? It’s actually the only one on the list of 20 top German shepherd names that are. It’s the diminutive (i.e. the cutesy version, like Ali is to Alex, for example) version of Matthias and Dietrich – who knew, huh?! 

Definitely a Nova! Look at that gorgeous pup. Thinking of naming your german shepherd dog? these names are great!

14 –  NOVA

A shortened version of supernova a wonderful, powerful and gorgeous display of cosmic power. Or, of course, it’s from the latin meaning New. Great for both girls and boys – it’s a name thats become more popular recently, and one I really like. 


I like this name for a girl, but it is traditionally used for a boy. Made popular by Harley-Davidson, I’m pretty sure this falls under the neo-macho label like Diesel did. It’s definitely a strong name that we associate with freedom and power. 

Athena, goddess of wisdom, so fitting for this intelligent German Shepherd Girl


Greek goddess of wisdom and the namesake for Athens in Greece, this goddess was one of great respect and renown, a gracious and intelligent god who can only be considered a fantastic patron for your little puppy!

11 – JAX

A modern name that I think is a pretty powerful name, that X always makes a good sound in a name (not that I’m biased… much). It’s tough and sturdy, short and to the point. No fuss. Solid name!

10 – DUKE

Another masculine name! Boys names are pretty frequently used, huh? Duke is a title of nobility, primarily English. A title that has a nice ring to it. Duke recognises your German Shepherd’s regal-ness, their grace and their quiet but powerful nature. 

Nala enjoying a trot along the dock with her favourite toy, german shepherds names are so important

9 – NALA

I’m so bias on this one, but it’s a name of african origin, meaning successful – though I don’t suspect that this is why this is popular, I expect it’s more to do with the Lion King, and the female lion in that of this name. She was a headstrong and powerful heroine of that movie – totally underrated in my opinion! A remarkable Lioness and a fabulous namesake.

8 – LOKI

God of mischief in Norse mythology, recently made popular (I would suspect!) by the lovable rogue of the Thor and Avengers movies played by the charming Tom Hiddleston. How could you not love this name? And gosh, you know as well as I do that as a puppy? Mischief is the main aim! 


This one I really didn’t see coming into this top 20, but hey! You guys voted, and this is the seventh most popular name for a German shepherd – and it means Princess! We’ve spoken before about our Shep’s regal disposition, so I can totally see why this one is so popular! 

Sadie the German shepherd looking like the princess she is by name and nature

6 – BEAR

Have you seen long haired german shepherd puppies? Do I need to explain this one that much? Our gorgeous fluffy little monsters are definitely bears. Strong and powerful, they’re a wonderful animal to base the name of your new shepherd puppy upon. 

5 – ZEUS

God of Thunder and the king of the Greek Pantheon and of Mount Olympus. A powerful and cracking (get it?) namesake for a Shep! Zeus gives an air of power, a ring of good and righteousness. It’s a name I love for a shepherd.

Luna that white german shepherd loves her name.

4 – LUNA

An Italian name, meaning the moon – a great name for a mysterious little girl who brings light in the darkness. A lovely name that gives a real majesty to it, especially if you have a white or silver sable girl, Luna would be a great choice.

3 – THOR

Part of the origin for the weekday, thursday (originally Thor’s Day) – Thor is another god of thunder, but from the Norse pantheon this time. The brother of Loki, and son of Odin. Likely made popular by the Chris Hemsworth played Thor in the movies of the same name and the Avengers series. Powerful and respected, Thor is a great name for a Shepherd – hence being the third most popular name! 


Beautiful! Bella! Bellisima! Related to Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek (not German though!) meaning beauty or beautiful, usually a diminutive for people? But for a dog, this is a truly classic name.

Max the German shepherd, the greatest name of them all for this regal breed

1 – MAX

Powerful name! Good for a girl or a boy – it’s a shortened version of Maximus, Maxwell and Maximilian – and stems from Roman times meaning greatest. It’s a strong and sturdy name that has a strong relationship with the German Shepherd breed, the lawsuit with Mississipi Max. It’s our most popular name and the greatest choice for arguably the greatest breed of dog! 

And that’s all folks!

That’s our top twenty-two names for german shepherds as decided by the public! 

Did your dogs name rank in here? Why not share this with your friends! Or if you picked your new puppy’s name from in here, let us know and share it on social media!

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