22 Most Popular Names for Golden Retrievers

2 month old golden retriever puppies who need names! Is one of these going to be one of them? What a great name for a puppy!

Posted On November 9, 2020

hy is naming your new Golden Retriever puppy so tough? Are you finding it tough? I really found it tough! Really found it tough! 

Naming Indie (my shepherd cross boy) I think I went through so many names. It was tough! I knew that knowing that I’d have to call it and deal with it every day – not to mention that he might get teased by the other puppies in puppy school if I named him poorly…
Well, okay, the last is a little silly, but you know what I mean!
Looking for the right name is tough, you are likely looking through loads of lists looking for inspiration. Well, look no further compadre! Because here it is! 

Here are the top twenty-two german shepherd names, as voted for by the Golden Retriever owners on facebook’s I love my Golden Retriever group!

golden retriever running through field; how do you pick your name for your puppy?

Maybe, you just want to know if your name ranks in the top 22 names! No harm there either buddy, and if it does? Let me know! 

Ready for the count down? Da-da-da-daaaaaa! 

22 – LOLA

Gonna sing it with me? 

L-O-L-A loooola lo lo lo lo Lola!

Awesome name, it does mean ‘sorrow’ in it’s original form of Delores in spanish – which is kind of sad, because we all know that Golden Retrievers are the light in your life, you know? Gosh, but still! Super pretty name that really doesn’t live to the sad origins. 

golden retriever Close-up face of a retriever dog with kind clever eyes; how do you pick your name for your puppy?

21 – NALA

N-A-L-A naaaala  — I’m not going to do it again don’t worry. I’m so bias on this one, but it’s a name of african origin, meaning successful – though I don’t suspect that this is why this is popular, I expect it’s more to do with the Lion King, and the lioness in that of this name. She was a headstrong and powerful heroine of that movie – totally underrated in my opinion! A remarkable Lioness and a fabulous namesake.


This means Wisdom in it’s original greek derivation (Sophia), now… I adore retrievers as much as you do, I’m sure! But … are they really wise? Certainly not for the first what… four years of their life? Haha still! It’s a wonderful name that suits the breed perfectly! 

Golden Retriever Puppy with tongue hanging out.; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


After the tree, pretty obviously (unless you love the 1988 George Lucas movie of the same name). A wonderful tree that’s famed for it’s flexibility and being a gorgeous addition to your garden. It’s a very natural name, which totally suits our natural wonders of gold and floof!

18 – RUBY

Do you know how tough it is not to break into song? Again? I know, I’m sorry I don’t mean to bore you! Still! After the warming, deep and mysterious stone of wonderful colour. It’s a name we associate with beauty, and our goldens are definitely that – particularly good for a more red colouring! 

Golden retriever dog running outdoor; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


From the bent grass field – is the meaning of bentley, but it has a more Majestic ring than that doesn’t it? It’s quite a regal name that inspires a certain level of nobility, don’t you think? Very fitting for our gorgeous floofy woofs! 

16 – RILEY

I love this for a girl, but it’s a real name with spirit, isn’t it? It’s Irish in origin, and means from the rye clearing (similar to Bentley, huh?) – we love a natural based name for these lovely dogs, do you think this one for your gorgeous new puppy? 


English in origin, and shortens quite nicely to “Ollie” which I think is a wonderful name for these fun loving dogs – still! It means “descendent of the ancestors” which is a lovely nod to the rich history of the Golden Retriever. 

Golden retriever in the snow; how do you pick your name for your puppy?

14 –  TOBY

I associate this name with fun, it’s a playful name that you can really imagine calling across the park and seeing a gorgeous golden coming bouncing through the long grass to greet you – don’t you think? And actually, I really like it for a girl too. It has religious heritage (however you feel about that!) meaning “God is Good” – how about doG is good instead? That I think we can all agree on! 


Another Irish name! One that really makes me smile when you consider Murphy’s Law. hehe, very fitting for any Puppy owner, right? It also works if your dog loves water – they may not be a lab, but we all know a golden who adores a swim! Why? Because Murphy means Descending From the Sea Warrior. Perfect! 

12 – HONEY

A really obvious source! Likely for a warm colour that we see in that wonderful coat of our goldens. This gorgeous sweet, golden nectar is a fantastic name for our sweeter than sweet dogs.


Golden Retriever is standing by the beautiful lake with Hood Mountain Peak in the background during a vibrant sunny summer day. Taken from Trillium Lake, Mt. Hood National Forest; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


Named for Grace (obviously!) – what a good name for a golden! Really known for their wonderful graceful nature with people and other dogs. It’s a really fitting name, though, perhaps not at that clumsy puppy phase, so make sure to look forward in their future for this one! 

10 – LUCY

A bouncy name to me! But maybe that’s because I associate it with my daft coonhound girl. It means Light in Latin, a lovely way to demonstrate the light that our dogs give us, also to recognise perhaps a gorgeous platinum coat?


This one I really didn’t see coming into this top 22, but hey! You guys voted, and this is the seventh most popular name for a Golden – and it means Princess! We’ve spoken before about our retrievers’s regal disposition, so I can totally see why this one is so popular! 

Cute and happy dog breed golden retriever running in forest and has fun at sunset; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


Beautiful! Bella! Bellisima! Related to Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Greek  meaning beauty or beautiful, usually a diminutive for people? But for a dog, this is a truly classic name.\

Adorable young golden retriever puppy dog sitting on concrete stairs near fallen yellow leaves. Autumn in park. Horizontal, copy space. Pets care concept; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


I want to start singing again about Molly Malone, especially seen as this is actually quite a sad name, it means bitter – or of the sea in English (Which is curious! I have such a strong association with Molly and Ireland that I didn’t even consider it being English! Still, the point is, that this name (ignoring it’s stupid meaning, guh…) I think this name has great fun connotations! 


The definition of friendly – our dogs are out friends, our best friends. So Buddy is beyond fitting. It’s actually an American name (our only one!), I think it’s gorgeous for a retriever, so perfect for our friendly floofers! 

Golden Retriever in sunset; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


For a girl or a boy, do remember that! It means Free Man in English. It’s a good name at every stage of their life – though of course if you want to make it slightly more dignified as they get older Charles is a wonderful name for a grey mouthed older woof, don’t you think? 


Meaning a softener of cloth – Sometimes I suspect that this isn’t for that reason, but it has most recently been made super famous by Tucker Budzyn the Golden Retriever – if you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know I do love that cheeky boy! What do you think? Would Tucker be a good name? 


Meaning from the Oak Tree Field, and unsurprisingly it’s an English name (Shocking! Haha). Leaning on the Oak for strength, it’s a good name that will carry your gorgeous Golden to long life and sturdiness. 

Golden Retriever Jumping While Running; how do you pick your name for your puppy?


A Cooper was a barrel maker, traditionally. It’s a name I like, but please do make sure you don’t let Cooper make a barrel of himself! (I kid, I kid, sorry, I have a dumb sense of humour sometimes!) I like this name, it’s a good, sturdy name, right? 


An old English name rooted in the meaning of steward – and that’s pretty right, huh? Our dogs are our stewards, they can be our Bailey too, what a cute name. Feels like the perfect name for our graceful dogs though, right? Do you agree? Very nice.

The Golden Retriever Dog works with the owner; how do you pick your name for your puppy?

We seem to love our natural names, our old English and Irish names. Which really suits this old fashioned breed built to help in the hunt. It makes sense, huh? So would you consider one of these names for your new puppy? 

Did your dogs name rank in here? Why not share this with your friends! Or if you picked your new puppy’s name from in here, let us know and share it on social media! 

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