5 Awesome Natural Dog Chews for your Puppy!

Posted On June 24, 2020

Puppies are ferocious chewers! One of the most popular questions I’ve seen on Facebook recently has been about how to deal with their puppy’s chewing. 

What you want, is to stop them chewing by giving them things that are okay to chew. A “Sanctioned” Chew! So, I reached out to our buddies over at Embark On Raw who have helped me compile this wonderful shortlist of chews for your puppies! It will quickly provide you with something that’s awesome, healthy and importantly? all natural for your dog to chew on. You don’t have to worry about things getting clogged in their insides, or whether it has xylitol in it, and might just save your flip flops…

Here’s A Tip!

Don’t leave anything down that you don’t want your dog to chew! There is two factors to teaching what can be chewed and what can’t, direction and removal. If you leave it down? Sorry, buddy! That’s your fault you just lost your favourite pair of Jimmy Choos to your puppy… 


So, I’m hoping this list, along with the random interspersed tips will help you and your puppy get through the land shark phase and help your lovely puppy learn what they can chew. Armed with yummy chews and the appropriate knowledge, what room do you have to fail?! Get ready for the list guys, because you’re going to walk away salivating on behalf of your dog – haha! I hope not, but you know what I mean!  Just a reminder, there are affiliate links in here, but they are still my choice of wonderful treats at wonderful quality, and there’s no extra cost to you! So please pick up whatever you think your dog will love! They’re in no particular order, but Indie’s favourite is #5!


It’s super important to match the ‘texture’ of what your puppy is choosing to chew. If they’re enjoying your skirting boards? Try a chew root! If they’re enjoying your shoes? Try something harder like beef skin strips! 

Olivewood chews for puppies

1 – Olivewood or Chew Root

A great choice for any pup that might be looking at your skirting boards or chair legs. Unlike branches from your park, they won’t splinter and potentially do damage. Instead? They crumble into fractions whilst still giving that delicious woody texture and resistance.  They’re a great training tool as there is little risk associated with them – especially the chew root which comes from a coffee tree! Clever, huh?  They last really nicely too! 

Here’s your Olivewood chew, and this is a Green & Wild Chew Root and 

Red Deer from where our wonderful split antlers can be sourced!

2 – Split antlers!

A split red deer antler (the round ones) should help with whilst still being rewarding enough and being a good solid chew. They’re a little pricey? But they last for practically forever. So they are perfect for puppies, try and pick one that’s size appropriate for your dog (small puppies prefer lighter antlers, they can carry them much easier). Please do make sure to get a naturally shed one, which is one of the great things about Green & Wilds, they’re ethically sourced at all times, which I can support!

Why not check out our review of deer antlers! It’s stuffed full of extra information!

3 – Beef Tails

These are a staple treat, tough and yummy, they’ll be rewarding enough to get your dog to chew and they’ll last a little while, not as long as the antler above of the Yaker below? But they’re way cheaper!

Try these Beef tails!

Want an Awesome chew? Try a Yaker!

4 – Yaker

A hard, dried cheese treat that has been described to me as “Crack for dogs” – so quite addictive! Make sure to not leave it down all the time as they’re quite expensive for a one time chew. They last quite a while and they’re really nice and rewarding. Do be careful if you have a heavy chewer though! I have heard of the odd labrador chomping them into bite size pieces, and swallowing it down – that’s not what they’re made for! So be careful…

Purchase your Yaker here!

There’s also a review of the yaker on our blog!

NoHide Chews for dogs from Animal Earth

5 – No Hide Chew

These are the healthy equivalent of the stuff you can find in Tesco, these won’t bunch up in the gut of your dog’s tummy, and? Even better? They’re yummy! They have some yummy dehydrated meat or fish on them which is wonderfully enticing for your puppy. They are a little pricey? So maybe not a daily treat!

Check out Earth Animal No Hide Chews – Indie loves them! 

Do they like soft things?

The most resilient soft toys I know are the Fluff & tuff range! They’re wonderful. Indie particularly loves his Big Daddy Gator! And as a range? They’re awesome for being tough and durable, they are a little pricey? But these are the longest lasting toys I’ve ever given to my boy – and 42kg of Shepherd cross Akita? He’s got some strength – though he isn’t terribly destructive.

Other Ideas

Bully Sticks (pizzles)
Beef skin strips (for bigger puppies!)
Beef Tendons
Pigs Ears 
Lambs Ears
Cow Ears 
Bunny ears
Buffalo horns
Cow hooves 
Fish Skins

It’s great to note as well for the ears? Anything with skin on helps clean out your dog’s insides. I got weirded out a little initially, but it’s a-okay! 

A Note About Bones

Two raw turkey necks

Something to consider, but, they are very good for teeth cleaning. They must be fed raw. Raw bones don’t fracture and become sharp as cooked bones do. Please make sure your dog is supervised whilst eating, and don’t feed them too young, I wouldn’t feed it earlier than 4 months… Our pals at Embark On Raw suggest these for your gorgeous puppy!

  1. Natural Instinct Marrow Bone (size appropriate) for puppies
  2. Natures `menu Duck Neck age 10 weeks plus for puppies that are fed a raw diet
  3. Natures Menu Duck wings
  4. Natures Menu Chicken wings

Remember to Redirect!

Is your puppy chewing on you? Are you looking like you’ve been mauled by … well… a puppy? Redirection is huge! Make sure to constantly push a sanctioned chew, or toy into their mouth. Make them interesting, and encourage them to play with the toy or focus on the chew instead of you!

Whilst I’ve given you a massive list of treats, bones and chews for your dog, please remember two things!

One; to be careful when taking a high value treat away from a dog or puppy, trade-up! Make sure that you’re giving them something more valuable so they don’t feel hard done by, which might encourage resource guarding.

Two; Always supervise your pet when they’re chewing! Things (no matter what!) can easily go awry, so please do monitor them!

Welsh corgi dog pembroke puppy chewing on owners shoes

Great list though, huh? There’s something in there that your dog is going to love. Even my super fussy mutt loves a few of these! They’re great for dogs as well as puppies. If you’re a local of mine (Woowoo! Essex! Hehe), pop into Embark On Raw and tell them you read about these chews on the Rove Blog and give them my love. They’ll be sure to sort you out!

What are you waiting for?! Go grab some new chews for your dog! Spoil them rotten and enjoy a few minutes of quiet time! Please don’t leave your dog unattended with any chew or treat! Always worth staying around to make sure they don’t get into a pickle!

If your dog is a little older, and it’s not just puppy chewing? Here’s a collection of great advice to help you stop unwanted chewing in your home.

Anything to add? Give me a shout! Let’s see if we can make this an even better resource! And if you know anyone who has just gotten a puppy? Ping them this list! Let’s help as many people as possible!

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