5 reasons you should be using a dog walker

Posted On November 10, 2019

So many people think that they do not need a walker, that they walk their dog plenty and that they’re very happy as they are, but is there something you’ve not considered? Well, here  are 5 reasons that Dog walkers are such an underrated tool in a dog owner’s arsenal.

1 – Socialisation

So many issues with your pet can be caused by the lack of socialisation. It’s worth taking the time to socialise your dog from a young age (though it’s never too late!). It’s tough to replicate the situation a dog walker puts your pooch in, even if your dog lives with other dogs, walking as part of a group (that’s not it’s own) asks the canine to create new bonds and pushes it outside of its ‘comfort zone’. This is vital for building your dogs confidence. It’s only by asking for more will your dogs give it.

2 – Exercise

Good exercise every day keeps the Vet away! Walking and exercise not only curbs obesity (which is as dangerous for your pet as it is for you), but it also keeps their heart and organs strong and well worked. A fit pup is a happy pup, so we all know about the health benefits of walking.

3 – Behaviour

Anyone who has a dog, knows that a tired dog is a good dog.

Walking (especially group walks!) gives your pooch an opportunity to play, sniff, engage and generally be a dog. This means that they aren’t doing that in your house. Which means your jack russell might stop digging up your house plants!

So why not use a walker to give your pup that extra stimulation they need to ease that mischievous streak.

4 – The 9 to 5, aka Work.

Certainly as a former office worker myself, I know I used to worry leaving my dog home alone… It was a really natural choice for me get a walker because I wanted to break the day up for him, give him a little bit of time in the day to go out.

Not only does this give them the bathroom break they need, but busts boredom and makes you worry less.

5 – Back up

It’s one of the most important and underrated of all the reasons to broaden your dog’s network (that sounds daft doesn’t it? But read on!).

They will never love you less, but if you get into a situation, having a professional on hand to support you, is never a bad thing. So making sure your dog knows and is comfortable with them ahead of that time means that you will know they’re going to safe hands who they love.

Sure, you can ask a friend, you can ask a relative – but a professional’s job is to be there – convenient or not.


When you can grow your dogs confidence, mediate health issues, have a better behaved dog, have faith their enjoying themselves and know theres someone other than you who is truly there for your dog? Why wouldn’t you?

Go ahead and book your first walk or sitting appointment with Rove today! We’d love to meet you and you four legged friends and help them on their way to being an ideal companion!

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