7 Reasons Rove Unleashed is Awesome! 

Posted On June 3, 2020

So you read the blog about what we’re going to do, huh? And you’re super interested in our Rove Unleashed sessions… but you’re not sure yet? 

Now, with the guidelines form CFSG I mentioned in the other blog, it took a good amount of time for me to apply this to the business and find a sustainable way of providing service and safety for you all. The plan arrived and it’s name became Rove Unleashed. I’ve spent a little while organising it, getting supplies in place, but I truly believe this is our best option right now. So, here it is! 

7 fantastic reasons that I know Rove Unleashed is perfect for our family right now. 

Play time!

1 – Socialisation

Current coronavirus guidance is that you and I as dog owners are allowed to schedule playdates for our dogs with one other family. But … that’s not what they’re used to, is it? Our family is packed full of young, playful and spirited dogs who need to run, play and be free! They need to enjoy their space. 

As your walker? This is something I can offer, that no one else can under current guidance. True play time.

Without other dogs, without other owners, and under a careful eye, our dogs will be able to socialise, to play, run and be totally free in this wonderful field – which in the current climate is not something they have and I’m utterly delighted to be able to provide.

2 – Security! 

From the very second you get there, you know this place has been built with the security of your dog in mind. You (or I, in this instance!) pull in off the road, open a farm gate, and enter a secure parking spot. You close the gate behind you, and you wait for your slot to come up. Popping in a code to the gate to the field, you then get access to the field which is surrounded by 6ft (plus!) fencing that contains the entire space, so you know your dogs can’t get out! Which offers fabulous peace of mind when you’ve got a playful and rambunctious bunch of lunatics that just want to chew on their friends that they haven’t seen for months!

3 – Size isn’t everything, but…

Foxes farm fields in Upminster is (I believe?) the biggest secure field in Essex, bragging a chunky 5 acre site! Which is plenty of room for even the biggest of our wonderful Rove family to be able to stretch their legs and play with their bestest buddies! It’s open grass fields with hills, and great space to enjoy. No trees sadly, but it does have a little shelter (and I’m working on getting us a paddling pool to have a play around in!)

Indie the German Shepherd Cross At Foxes Farm Fields in upminster

4 – Coronavirus Risk Limitation

Due to the fact that this is a field used a limited number of times per day by a limited number of people (and dogs!) per day, we will be immediately limiting the risks that we are exposing our woofs to, and consequently, your family too. You know that no one will have touched your dog except me, or one of our family members who will be following protocol for handwashing and sanitisation, and completed a form confirming that they are not currently suffering from Coronavirus! Which is great! Because you know that your dog is totally safe. 

5 – Recall? What recall…

Right now, whether your dogs recall has slipped a little or not, it doesn’t really matter! The nature of the secure field is great for that! You know they can’t get themselves into trouble, so… no worries! It’s a great in-between stage which will allow us to work on group manners again before our walkies begin again post coronavirus… It also means any leash-bound dogs get the priviledge of coming off lead with no fear about them getting free.

6 – Escapism! For your dog and YOU.

Pretty sure you’ve experienced this by now… but that moment where your adorable woofit decides to chime in during that conference call with a bark or a squeaky toy, and your workmates are like “Is that your dog?” And you sit there and admit it and mute yourself… This trip is 90 minutes of pure play, with a little time either side for clean down, pick up and drop off. So all in all? You’re going to have a lovely, quiet afternoon. Even if it’s for a little relaxation, don’t feel bad! Coronavirus has us all aching for some space! What better way to do that than reward your dog with some fun play time?

Socialisation for puppies!

7 – Puppy Socialisation Opportunities!

For those of you who are concerned about your puppies not getting the chance to socialise, why not join us for 30 mins? For a small fee, you can drive up and join in the fun with some great, sociable dogs who you can have enjoy each others company and learn how to correctly and confidently interact with other dogs! And you get to do it with dogs that I know are wonderful companions for your little one, how can you lose?! There is a small cost associated with this, but just a small contribution towards the field rental!

What are you waiting for?

I’ve just given you seven incredible reasons to join in, and I know you know it sounds awesome. See why we are launching this? Ah! I’m just so excited to be presenting this to you! So, when you’re ready to come enjoy this with us, just drop me a line and let’s get you involved! It’s a little more expensive than normal, so I totally get if you want to adjust your ‘regular’ schedule. But let’s discuss that! 

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