7 Ways to Encourage your Dog to Eat

Corgi doesn't want to eat, what do you do? read the blog!

Posted On August 21, 2020

Regardless of what it is that you feed, sometimes our dogs don’t want to eat. So how do you get them to wolf it down like every other dog on the planet? 

I feel like my dog is weird sometimes. I raw feed, and I put a bowl of gorgeous, sumptuous raw food down, or hand him a great big meaty rack of ribs, and sometimes he just looks at it, like … “mmmm, nah. Maybe later…” (There is an Indie voice if you’re wondering, maybe I’ll do it on video one day…). Then usually I look at him all heartbroken that he doesn’t want to eat whatever it is I just gave him, and walk away grumbling about how my dog is broken.
So, I’m guessing, if you’re reading this, you totally sympathise! This piece is about more than just raw though! We cover kibble and wet too. 

I mean it’s a common fact right?! Dogs love food? So what the hell is going on when they just look at it?
Well, Indie is the exact same. Honestly. I can fill a bowl full of raw food (and bloody good quality raw food too!) and he’ll just be like “Eh.” That’s basically Canine Caviar!?! How can he just leave it?!… and i can offer it to him over and over again, doesn’t matter. Some days, he just doesn’t want it.
But, I’ve found ways of getting him excited to eat. My dog! My dog who doesn’t enjoy eating, I can consistently get to eat. 

Let’s not let fussy Fang get to the point that they will only eat human food from a plate…I wanna share these tips with you, because they work. 

Because we all feed differently, this will include tips for kibble too! 

1 – How’s the temperature? 

If you’re hitting summer, you know yourself how sometimes the idea of a roast dinner in the throws of summer is just not appealing, so if it’s warm where you are? It might be that. Try feeding your dog earlier in the morning or later at night when it’s cooler! I find that in the hottest months of Summer, Indie’s not interested in eating until around 2am – luckily he’s fed once a day!

white german shepherd eating from a kong

2 – Ditch the damned bowl!

It could also be that feeding from a bowl is boring. I mean it! If you feed kibble? Try feeding interactively with toys like kongs, feeding balls, and wobbly toys! You could also try scatter feeding in the garden. Then, if you feed wet or raw mince? Things like kongs and buffalo horns can make it a little more interesting to eat from. Try it! I promise it’ll make a difference!  

If you’re unsure on how to do this? Here’s a great How To Use a Kong.

3 – Apply heat

Remember that dogs are built around their nose – and if you have a hound, or a hunting breed, then this applies doubly so (And even for cockerpoos! They’re hunting dogs at heart!) they have to know that your dog wants to be enticed. The easiest way to do this is smell. How often have you seen your dog lift their nose to the air when your neighbour is cooking bacon?
Kibble can also be uninspiring; it’s all the same texture, it’s all kinda just a little middling – even great quality stuff! 

Try popping it into the microwave for five to ten seconds! This application of heat can just release the smells and make it taste a little better – and suddenly? Dinner is way more appetising!  (Don’t apply this one to raw, though please!) 

add an egg to your dogs food to make it more tasty!

4 – Over easy…

Eggs! Haha they don’t even need to be over easy, just straight cracked from the shell! A commonly ignored fact is that dogs love eggs. It’s a wonderful treat! Whether you scramble them, or hardboil them (this always makes an interesting first introduction!) – they’re awesome.
So, why not try cracking a raw egg into fussy fido’s food, eggs are super yummy! They’re also fab for your dogs’ coat and they’re good for trying to add some weight if you need to.  (Ignore the veggies in the picture though!)

5 – Soak it up

It could be a digestive thing, kibble takes a long time to digest, and then swells in the stomach as it takes on water. Which doesn’t sound yummy, does it?  So, to overcome that, you can add a little water to soften the kibble, leave it on the side for a minute or two then feed. This may make it a little less crunchy, and will abate some of the affects of the kibble teeth cleaning thing (which I’m sure is a myth, but I’ll investigate that another day!) but it will make it a lot easier to eat, and a lot easier to digest! 

6 – It’s all gravy, baby!

If you want to make it super yummy? Add a ladle of bone broth to it! Packed full of meaty juices and yummy fats (and soft squidgy bone if you want to!) it’s packed with great nutritional value. Make sure it’s cooled though! Don’t feed it piping hot. Again, if you feed kibble, let it sit a little and soak up all the deliciousness! Here’s our awesome recipe for bone broth

7 – Shake it up

Sometimes, what your feeding isn’t good for your dog… or it’s just bland and uninteresting. If you can afford it, raw is great… I know you’re probably sick of hearing me say that! But seriously, if you’re Essex based check out Embark On Raw, they really know their stuff and only stock really high-quality products so you know your dog is eating the very best! 


Pretty good little list, huh? Anything on there sound like it’s going to work? Think that Fussy Fifi might be able to do something with at least one of these? Try them out and let me know what you and Picky Petunia think! Have they helped? Or maybe you know something else that might work wonderfully? Let us know! 

Oh, and don’t forget to share on social media if you love it or tag a friend who has a Picky Prince!

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