A Truly Professional Service

Posted On November 10, 2019

I asked dog walkers across the country “What gives us the right to call ourselves professional?”. Answers vary from ‘I have relevant qualifications’ to ‘It’s my job’.

Is that sufficient?

I’m not certain it is. I want to give my customers more.

Whilst you know Rove is CRB Checked, Insured, endorsed by Professional Dog Walking Association & NarpsUK. Rove want to go further.

The picture above is that of our Safety Tags. Whilst your pet is under Rove’s care – we will add these to their collar!

They have our logo on one side, and “I’m in the care of Rove Pet services! If found call 07543 22 11 21”.

Now, rest assured our aim is not to lose your pet! But better safe, than sorry.

These tags are there as a safety net. To make sure whilst they’re in our care, everyone knows who to contact. To give you faith that if they go out with us, they absolutely come home with us.

This is just another way that Rove want to go the extra mile.

With thanks to Engraving Studios for a really gorgeous product! If you need dog tags? I’d really recommend these!

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