Cat Feeding

Feline Fuss!

The only true way your cat gets to live like true royalty, is by keeping them in their palace (aka, your home!). 

If you’re going away, you have a finite amount of options with your cat. Usually, this involves the stressful boxing up of your cat, transportation of them along with a few of their belongings enough to make them feel safe and secure in an environment that smells like them and is their home. 

We all know the feeling of being safe in our home, and your cat is even more sensitive to this. What you need is to leave them there, but make sure they have all the benefits of a cattery, right? Well, that’s where Rove steps up to the plate and knocks it right out of the park! (or litter tray…?)

True TLC

Insured, first aid trained and cat loving, we can provide them with all the TLC, brushing, food, water, litter changes they need in your absence – and maybe even some treats! 

Rove performs this service so you know your animals are as happy as they can be, knowing that your cat is happiest in his or her own environment, without strange cats being positioned too close, meowing at them and stressing them out. 

With this service, you can pick how many visits your kitty-cats get per day (though each are chargeable), and each appointment will take up to thirty minutes.

Daily visit

This will include feeding, topping up/changing water, changing and cleaning litter (as agreed), brushes and cuddles if they are so inclined! Along with cleaning up a hairball or two, or any little mistakes* your cat might make in your absence.

Post will be picked up and plants can be watered also, so long as it can all be performed in the allotted thirty minute time slot. We’ll also feed other pets too! Your fishies, chickens, bunnies or similar – so long as it fits within the 30 min slot

Twice daily visit

You cat will get everything above, but twice a day. You will have the added security of having more regular visits to your home, and we can add in opening and closing curtains or blinds in order to keep a more regular visage on your home to deter any curious eyes with less than honourable intentions… 

Service price

Cat feeding visits start at £10.

*This is done to the best of the pet professionals ability, and may be left if we think our cleaning method may cause damage.

How it works

So, now you know how wonderful and carefree your vacation time can be for you and your cats, what’s your next step!

Call, message or email us and book in a meet and greet! We’ll check our availability and get you booked in on your preferred appointment type.

A deposit of one night or 10% (depending on the overall cost) is taken to secure the booking, and we expect full payment to be made 7 days prior to your departure.

We only take one morning slot and one evening slot, so ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.



I’ve never used a pet sitter before and the cats have always gone to a cattery. This time I thought I would try out pet sitting so that my two fur babies could stay in the comfort of their own home.

Alex was brilliant and I came back to two very happy kitties!! Being away for two weeks with an empty house is usually daunting but knowing that Alex was visiting daily also gave me peace of mind that all was well. I didn’t have to worry about the cats or the home as Alex kept an eye on both. Alex also went the extra mile and did the litter boxes out the day before I came home so that I didn’t have to.

I would recommend Alex to everyone. She truly cares about animals and is a really genuine person. I will definitely be booking Alex again for the next holiday!”

– Charlotte


Will you post the key back through the letterbox when the booking is over?

No! In case of delays or similar, you will only receive your key back when you are safely back at home. This means your pet won’t be at home with no one to look after them!

Will you post pictures of my cat on social media whilst I am away?

No! For the safety of your home, Rove will not post pictures to show that you are not home. An update will be shared upon your return to show just how adorable they’ve been, that they have been relaxed and happy!

Do you need me to leave anything?

Food, litter, vet card, contact details, don’t turn off the heating, water or electricity. If anything strange happens beyond these? We’ll message and ask for permission to buy something if we feel it necessary, which you can reimburse us for upon your return.

What happens if my cat becomes unwell?

If we notice anything, we will call you to discuss ASAP and get them to their vet (if possible) or if we cannot reach you and it is urgent, we will make a judgement call and take them in as required – please note this will be billable to you or against your pet insurance.

Will you give my cat their medication?

This strongly depends on how well your pet takes their medication. We don’t tend to carry chainmail, so the more reluctant cats will sadly be a no.

Cat feeding service in Essex covering: Basildon, Billericay, Noak Bridge, Pitsea, Laindon & Langdon Hills

Ready to Book?

In your absence, your cat deserves the best! So why not bring in Rove to make sure they’re happy and comfortable at home, in the warmth, in the space they love. No added stress and instead additional security for your home. 

Hit the contact page, and drop us a line now to make sure you can grab a slot for your holiday. Book in your free meet and greet and we can discuss all of your pet care needs.

ROVE Services

Dog Walking

This is our most frequent service! We take out up to four dogs per walker. We pick them up from your home, and take our fun little group off to one of the local country parks, bridleways or other fun locations.

Your dog will get to run, play, sniff and explore and make lots and lots of new friends.

Puppy Visits

You’ve just gotten a new puppy! Congratulations! I hope that the little one is fitting in nicely at home. Perhaps you need a little extra help to raise those four adorable little paws? Rove can help break up their time at home with puppy visit service.

We can come in, cuddle, play, feed and let them out for a little tinkle.

Cat Feeding

Holidays are so tough when you have to leave a member of your family at home, or even if you’re out for the night and won’t be home until late. As a fantastic alternative to a cattery, Rove are here to help.

Visits can be tailored exactly to what you need, giving you security and peace of mind, not only about your cat but about your home.

Small Animal Visits

Lizard, Hedgehogs, ducks or chickens! It really doesn’t matter how big or small your pet is, Rove are capable to look after your pet whilst you’re away, leaving them in the comfort of their own surroundings and keeping things as normal as possible.

Rove are here to make your life (and your pets!) as easy as possible!

Equestrian Care

Horses need a very particular sort of care, if you’re not there, you can rely on Rove to help! Not everyone is horse confident, let alone knowledgeable and capable.

Would you trust anyone to look out for colic or lameness? We muck out, we groom, we keep your horse as comfortable as possible whilst you’re out of town.

Wedding Chaperoning

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You’ve sorted the guest list, tables, venue and all of that, but there is something missing… your pet.

The quandary becomes how you involve them and still get to do your whole day as planned… a professional wedding chaperone is your way forward.