Coming Out Of Lockdown

Indie the GSD cross posing at our secure field

Posted On June 2, 2020

With the changes occurring, I need to provide an update to you guys about what’s happening with Rove. 

Coronavirus has been an utter nightmare right? I’ve been dying to get back to work and now? I know it’s possible. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and formulating a plan of attack (well, attack against coronavirus’ spread!).

The Canine & Feline Sector Group (CFSG) have released some guidelines to assist me and those in my industry in making decisions good enough to help protect you and the public whilst continuing on with our work. The guidelines can be found on CFSG’s Business Guidance, which have been approved by the government department, DEFRA.

To do my best to adhere to these, my returning to work means a few changes need to occur, so I want to go over what is happening and why with you all. Throughout this piece, I want to go over the ins and the outs of my decision so that you know what I’m doing and why. 

This piece will cover Rove’s 3 Steps to Sanitation and our Change of Schedule which have detailed below!

disinfectant, a key part of keeping the van clean

3 Keys to Cleanliness

Whilst I take huge comfort (and a little pride!) from the fact that my guidelines from before lockdown were actually already in line with these new guidelines from CFSG, I still want to outline what we’ll be doing going forwards.

Combined with the guidelines from CFSG, I’ve taken two courses to try best get my processes under control with regards to prevention of spreading the disease… So, with these Three keys, I intend on keeping our family as safe as possible – but there is some involvement from you! So please please make sure to give this a read!

    1. Communication
      I really do need you on this one! Firstly, you’re going to be required to keep me informed, initially, I’m doing this by completing a form, but I need you to let me know if and when anything changes with you and/or your family. Communication is key!
    2. Protection
      We’ll be collecting as contact free as possible to respect social distancing – depending on your situation (Shielding, vulnerable & key worker) we will include the use of disposable gloves and/or facemasks to ensure we keep you as safe as possible.
    3. Disinfecting & Washing
      The van will be disinfected between each group walk, this will ensure that there is no transmission between woofs. Each dog will get wiped down with Leucillin before entering the van from both the park and the home to ensure that there is no transmission from either. Each leash used will be washed at the end of each day, and disinfected between uses. We will (as always!) continue to use our own leads.

I’ll also be minimising the surfaces I touch when I’m out, and adhering to the hand washing cycles as best I can!

Indie the GSD cross posing at our secure field

Change of Schedule

There will be some changes to our usual method of operation. As cleaning the van between group walks makes multiple group walks a day incredibly hard to perform responsibly. I’m also not sure that the current structure of our day suits our family any more at this stage… So, in order to facilitate all of these things, the day will happen in 2 parts. 

These changes are temporary whilst lockdown measures are in place. I will let you know when it’s time to change back!! Though, I am debating keeping this maybe on a Friday afternoon? So let me know if it appeals!

Morning Private Walks

These will be training walks for some of my newer clients (who I can’t wait to get back to getting to know!!) to try and get us back on an even keel, work on our lead manners and on our recall! This will be performed from your home and there will be no transport involved.

After this…the afternoon we’re doing something new… Let me introduce you to….



I’m SUPER EXCITED about this. I think this is gonna be awesome. Slight change of pace, but … I’ve noticed that people are incredibly concerned about their ability (or lack there of) to socialise their dogs. So, here it is! Your Solution!

We’ve booked a secure field Monday to Friday, every afternoon, for 90 minutes. We’ll be taking 4 very lucky dogs to this 5 acre field and allowing them to be free and run around.

Now, why is this great? 

Well, you know at the moment your dog is only allowed to go play with one other dog at a time, so play and socialisation are totally limited. This undoes that. This allows your dog to finally get off lead in a totally safe environment where he or she can go play with all their bestest buddies from the Rove Family. 

All that socialisation that they’ve missed out on? They can now get back to! Safely, securely and best of all? Without risk of transmitting COVID between families! Great right?!

This awesome 90 minute off lead run around in a secure field (which I’ve test run a number of times now!) is a great thing for your dogs. They’ll have a supply of water, they’ll have space, and safety to go play and run and be totally free in this incredibly restricted time we live in.

If you need more convincing? Here’s 7 Reasons that Rove Unleashed is Awesome

Sound fun? Great! Book now! It’s gonna be awesome!

It’s going to take a little longer than normal, I’d expect they’re going to be out about 3 (including disinfecting dogs) so, it’s a big ol’ stint out!! So you’ll also get some time to work at home too… in peace and quiet… and I know you like that idea! Especially when they come home all tuckered out and ready to give you a few more hours of peace! 


1 person can join us. If you want to socialise a puppy, and you want to join us on our afternoon wander and introduce your puppy to a bunch of awesome friendly dogs? We’ll welcome you along to our play time! 

Other Notable Changes To Operation 

  • All payment will be taken by transfer only (in advance please!) 

Phew! Lot of information right? Well, the short of it is we’re changing our walks to private walks in the morning, and a group run in the afternoon. It’s going to be a LOT of fun, and I really hope you agree too! All the while, we’ll be controlling the spread of Coronavirus and protecting all our wonderful family and local public!

If you want to be a part of any of these stages? I would LOVE to get you involved! Get in touch and let’s organise something! My regular clients will be getting a leaflet about this, but if you’re interested too? Not a problem! We’re welcoming old and new.

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