Equestrian Care

Horse care

If you’re going out of town, your horse or pony still needs to be cared for. Instead of stressing, why not make your life easy and ask someone to help!

Horses and ponies are one animal that we all know is quite particular in their care needs and the fact that they can’t just be left to their own devices as they can be very delicate creatures. They may need feeding, hay, mucking out, coats on or off, hooves picking or whatever may need to be done.

ROVE as your stablehand

For this you need someone who has been a stablehand, someone who is confident with horses of all sizes, shapes and natures. Someone who is happy to get their hands dirty and put the high amount of effort into keeping your equine friend happy, healthy and up to their normal standards – so you have the ultimate peace of mind.

Your solution is Rove. By booking with Rove, you’ll get a strong back, a caring soul and someone who is entirely willing to give your horse or pony the time and attention they need, from grooming necessities, to hay net filling and mucking out.

Your horse, your routine

I’m happy handling large and small and I’ve always been thorough and observant with a horse, I’ve identified colic and lameness very quickly and had vets out promptly enough to save lives. Horses need patience and a close eye, and as I’ve worked with them for a long time, from thoroughbreds to cobs, I’m confident in my ability to keep your horse happy and healthy whilst you’re away.

We will strive to keep your routine, whatever it is, visiting morning and evening (if needed!), put on their rug, put them in a paddock, bring them back to their stall, give them a brush down, a fuss, top up the haynet and a feed. 

Service price

Equestrian visits start at £10.

How it works

In order to make your booking, first we have to meet your horse or pony, discuss exactly what’s needed. If we can work together, we will take a non-refundable 10% deposit – or a two day fee (depending on the length of the booking) in order to hold your dates!

A week prior to the dates, the balance must be cleared. Horse care takes more time than our other customers, so we strongly recommend early booking in order to secure enough time for us to care for your equine pal!



I’ve never been able to go away before as I couldn’t find anyone to leave the care of my horse with.

Alex was recommended to me, and she’s been absoutely brilliant.

She absolutely knows horses and after a test run weekend I felt so comfortable I’ve booked another weeks holiday!

Thank you so much Alex x”

– Susan


Will you ride out?

Sadly no, we can’t offer that service as it’s not covered by our insurance.

Can you take my horse to the vet if something goes wrong?

Provided we have access to a trailer and towing vehicle, we can definitely do that – though we suggest your vet is mobile.

Horse care service in Essex covering: Basildon, Billericay, Noak Bridge, Pitsea, Laindon & Langdon Hills

Ready to Book?

So when you’re away, you need someone who can help, that you can trust to see issues, and keep things clean and tidy, fed and watered!

Why not drop us a line and see if we can help you out! Organise a meet and greet, and let’s say hello!

ROVE Services

Dog Walking

This is our most frequent service! We take out up to four dogs per walker. We pick them up from your home, and take our fun little group off to one of the local country parks, bridleways or other fun locations.

Your dog will get to run, play, sniff and explore and make lots and lots of new friends.

Puppy Visits

You’ve just gotten a new puppy! Congratulations! I hope that the little one is fitting in nicely at home. Perhaps you need a little extra help to raise those four adorable little paws? Rove can help break up their time at home with puppy visit service.

We can come in, cuddle, play, feed and let them out for a little tinkle.

Cat Feeding

Holidays are so tough when you have to leave a member of your family at home, or even if you’re out for the night and won’t be home until late. As a fantastic alternative to a cattery, Rove are here to help.

Visits can be tailored exactly to what you need, giving you security and peace of mind, not only about your cat but about your home.

Small Animal Visits

Lizard, Hedgehogs, ducks or chickens! It really doesn’t matter how big or small your pet is, Rove are capable to look after your pet whilst you’re away, leaving them in the comfort of their own surroundings and keeping things as normal as possible.

Rove are here to make your life (and your pets!) as easy as possible!

Equestrian Care

Horses need a very particular sort of care, if you’re not there, you can rely on Rove to help! Not everyone is horse confident, let alone knowledgeable and capable.

Would you trust anyone to look out for colic or lameness? We muck out, we groom, we keep your horse as comfortable as possible whilst you’re out of town.

Wedding Chaperoning

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You’ve sorted the guest list, tables, venue and all of that, but there is something missing… your pet.

The quandary becomes how you involve them and still get to do your whole day as planned… a professional wedding chaperone is your way forward.