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Posted On November 10, 2019

Okay so, we’ve long since come to accept that humans have fad diets – and initially when I was reading about dogs & raw food – I kind of thought that’s where this one was going. I debated trying it for my dog, but decided it was expensive and likely wouldn’t yield the benefits it said it would.

Well, I was wrong. Entirely.

Raw food (from my experience!) is everything it’s cracked up to be and then some.

Indie (my german shepherd cross) suffered really bad when he was younger with not being able to keep food inside him. It wasn’t that he was throwing up, it was that everything coming out of the other end was slop. I was at my wits end and couldn’t find something he could eat. Dry food, wet food, James Wellbelloved, Lilly’s kitchen, Wainrights and even boiled rice & chicken. Nothing worked.

Except raw food! Indie was never fussed about food, until this either and better? He sturdied up and he’s finally producing solids. The solids produced are smaller and less smelly! His coat is glossier and his breath doesn’t smell.

Indie started on the low bone content items, the Natural Instinct’s puppy range. It quickly developed into the working dog range, Salmon, Chicken, Beef etc. Now, he’s largely on carcass with a bit of the Paleo Ridge boxes for variety. He loves the great, deep red meat items! Venison & ox heart and things like that.

Now, the one draw back is the cost – it’s not cheap. Now, you can make it cheaper by ‘DIY’ing it (i.e. get veg & carcass and fish and offal and feed in a rough pattern) – but it’s not ever going to be as cheap as kibble.

But over all? I wouldn’t go back – whether Indie keeps his dietary issues or not. I genuinely believe this is the best option for a dog!

Local Extra! Embark on Raw are great! They’re happy to introduce any newbies who aren’t sure how to feed Raw food. That’s also where Rove get our treats from! Making sure that we’re all natural along the way & supporting local businesses!

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