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Posted On June 4, 2020

Here’s how we’re working the Rove Unleashed Sessions whilst COVID-19 is still a thing.

With the introduction of our awesome Rove Unleashed sessions, I want to walk you through how it’s going to work, and what safety procedures we’ve put in place to stay in line with the guidelines from the Canine & Feline Sector Group which have been approved by DEFRA.

I know we’re all sick of COVID-19, but I do want to make you both aware and comfortable with what we’re doing to make sure that we’re keeping everyone safe. Rove was actually pretty much in line with the recent CFSG guidelines way back in March when we released You, Your Pets, Coronavirus & Rove. I’m quite proud of that fact actually! It shows my Science background does have some merit, haha! Which is great going forwards, because I hope it gives you faith that Rove is a step ahead of the game.

My decisions have been made for this process taking into account my completed courses with the Pet Industry Federation and with the International School of Aesthetics (not field relevant, but it’s useful information!). I do need to share the information with you to ensure that we’re helping each other as best as possible throughout this process, and please, if you wish for me to pick up your dog from your garden, that’s absolutely ok! Just let me know how to access it (if you have side or rear access) and we’ll set it up.

But here it goes, here’s how the whole process is going to happen in practicality. 

So it starts…

…with a responsible pick up! We’ll be using a combination of Gloves, Face masks (from the lovely Lottie at The Cosy Canine Company – Lottie’s business is local too! Love supporting my fellow small business owners!) and responsible social distancing to pick up our lovely woofs from their homes. 

This is dictated by the communication that you provide me with, so make sure you fill out the form to ensure our fantastic Rove Family’s safety! Please do check your leaflet and the Coming Out Of Lockdown post which details about the communication aspect of controlling the infection!  I will say, I will deliberately minimise my choice of gear per house, so that I don’t freak out the dogs unnecessarily, because let’s face it, even humans they know and love, suddenly look weird! 

Then, using one of our leads (and your equipment, as normal!) we’ll walk to the van, here we’ll wipe your dog down with a clean face towel with leucillin. This means that we’re taking no nasty germies (because we all know you’re gross… joking! Just a precaution 🤣) into the van. The face towels are one per dog to make sure that they are not spreading infection.

We’ll load up, one dog or one home’s dogs (for those of you with multiple!) per crate. Bear in mind, this is total normal procedure, but I just want to make sure you all know every step that’s involved.

We’ll pick up your puppy’s Unleashed buddies and drive off to the awesome Foxes Farm Fields in Upminster! Here we’ll pull up, let any previous residents leave, before we go take over… mwahaha

We’ll unload everyone and have an awesome fun time for around 90 minutes and be totally free, fun and goofy. I’m also debating taking a small paddling pool for the woofs… let me know what you think?!

When this is done, and we have some wonderfully sleepy puppies. We’ll wipe everyone down again and make sure they’re not bringing anything from the field home, and bring them back home to you!

We’ll unload at your house, and drop off with the combo of face masks, gloves and social distancing as necessary.

Once everyone is dropped home? This is where the CFSG guidelines come in, it’s my responsibility to ensure the contact surfaces are clean, so I’ll go and clean out the van (this is a jet wash then a disinfect so it’s nice and clean for the morning!), I’ll pop the leads and the face towels in the wash to make sure they are sanitary for the next Unleashed session! 

Indie the GSD exploring our secure field

And that’s about it!

With all of this, hopefully you can see how Rove are truly taking care of you and our family. Cleanliness, responsibility and fun. We can cater for everyone in our family, and we will give priority for the Unleashed sessions to our working family. 

If you see some room for improvement, please do let me know! I’m already going beyond the CFSG guidelines to ensure we’re safe (partially with the field rental, and definitely with the face masks, gloves, questionnaire etc) but I’m always open to feedback. 

Beyond improvement, as I said earlier, if you want to change our normal pick up protocol to include your garden, feel free to discuss this with me! I’m happy to help and make sure we’re all as safe as can be.

And!! Not to mention that if this all sounds like something you’d love to be a part of? Why not check out the 7 Reasons Rove Unleashed is Awesome and book in quick!  Or, if that doesn’t work for you, why not book in one of our private sessions in the morning?

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