How Rove’s Group Dog Walks Work

Posted On December 10, 2019

Rove’s Group dog walks are a service provided to Basildon, Billericay, Noak Bridge, Langdon hills, Laindon & Pitsea, this is how they work, what we do, and why we do it!

For the new or the curious among you, I know sometimes what a dog walker does is kind of elusive. You get to trust your beloved pet to an almost stranger and then wait for the pictures to show up on facebook… So here it is! Every step of the process. What we do, why we do it, and hopefully a little insight as to how much you can trust us with your dog.

Parker, Indie, Louie & Oscar

So! First we book in a free meet & greet. Here we get to discuss a lot of things. Things about the PDWA, things about my insurance, about your dogs habits, commands, nuances and equipment. This is usually around an hour of both our time where we can really get to grips with each others needs and hopefully create a working relationship that helps your dog thrive with Rove’s walks! We’ll discuss things like if your little one can go off lead, if they have dietary requirements, if they are only allowed certain access in your home, etc.

Importantly, we’ll discuss equipment! We use our own leads, but we will use your harness etc. Please do avoid using a front strap (Such as a Julius) harness!! They’re rotten contraptions that are not only bad for your pup’s shoulder movement, but also for pulling. A strong dog feels ten times stronger in one of those rotten things! We recommend a nice Y-shaped harness like a Perfect-Fit, a Ruffwear or Truelove!

It is worth noting that I will only take one leashed dog on walks with me, this is for safety purposes. All the others are expected to have good recall – point being, these spaces are a really limited! Please do make sure to book in quick to make sure you don’t miss out!! 

Provided we’re both happy, the first walk is then arranged – ideally this is a walk with just the walker and your woofit. This is done in order for the walker (me!) and your dog to get to one. This is my chance to get to see your dog in action! I get to see how they respond to other dogs, if they love squirrels or if they’re inclined to climb trees…  (Can you imagine? Hah!)

This seems simple enough, right? Agreed! Usually we’ll have a little catch up at this stage, arrange regular access (most often by providing a key, or access to a key via a key safe) and I’ll have a plan in mind about how to proceed. Sometimes it may take a bit longer to bring your dog up to speed for our group walks, but please don’t worry! We’ve only ever had one dog to date that couldn’t cut it on our group walks. 

I’ll start introducing your dog to some of my other dogs. We start with some of the very inoffensive dogs, and slowly build up to see who we do and don’t like. This also allows me to gather information about who they will and won’t get along with in the park. 

After that, the walks will build up to being a ‘standard’ group walk.

How does that run?

We’ll come around, let ourselves in, secure your dog using your choice of collar or harness. Leash on, and pop your lovely little one in our wonderful van, crate them separately and give them the space they need. They’ll be joined by their walking buddies (up to 4 per walker) shortly and we’ll arrive at one of our approved walking sites. Our walks have to meet a few criteria including (but not limited to);

  • Safety (Hazardous materials, such as loose barbed wire, or frequent issues with smashed glass)
  • Blind corners
  • Joe Public’s general ownership skills/Presence of aggressive dogs etc
  • Parking availability and whether we have to cross roads etc
  • Accessibility (By vehicle) 
  • Phone signal (in case of emergencies)

They’re also chosen to find a route that can be fun and engaging too! I like to pick ones that have a variety of sniffy spots, running spots, woods and open ground. Once we arrive at where we’ll leash your dog, get them on route and then slowly allow our dogs to get off lead and start their walk!

Typically, I like to start a route with ‘narrow’ and directive path. This allows the dogs to focus and know where they’re going, and limits their ability to get themselves into mischief! Something I find very useful to find the switch to their listening ears… We’ll slowly graduate towards more open areas for run and play (if appropriate) and allow our dogs to get some good exercise and fun into the mix!

After this, we’ll gather everyone back up, we’ll leash up, walk back to the van. We’ll tidy up your puppies as best we can, a good ruff-up with a towel and tidy up, provide water and load up back into our separate crates and begin to take the route home! We’ll drop them home, safe and sound and leave your home as it had been left.

“ Dogs teach us a very important lesson in life: The mail man is not to be trusted” – Sian Ford

But Rove, definitely is deemed trustworthy by countless dogs every day! And who is a better judge than the owner of a wet nose and waggy tail?  We know how important our dogs are; and we want to make sure your pup has the absolute best care during his or her time with us. Hopefully adding in this little insight to our process will give you confidence as to how Rove’s group walks work. 

Think these walks will help out your dog? Could you see you and your dog joining the Rove Family? Well, if so, get in touch! Drop us a text, a call or a message on facebook! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible and book in your meet and greet where I can’t wait to meet you and your four legged-friend!

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