Product Review: Deer Antlers

Posted On November 10, 2019

I could not have raised my puppy without my one of these!

We all know puppies and dogs love to chew. So something that keeps their attention, doesn’t smell awful, and (if you get the right ones!) can last for a real long time are just great value for money. So why don’t these get enough press? Well, because they’re not ‘pretty’ and they’re kind of old fashioned… but why should that be a bad thing?

Dogs love these. They smell awesome and tasty to a dog but really don’t register to the human scent sense. They’re also healthy; they’re not packed full of water or obliterated meat that’s no longer meat, they’re not going to clog up your pet’s tummy. Instead they’re full of good fats, calcium, potassium, iron & magnesium! They help clean teeth too, and not to mention keep your dog quiet and entertained.

The Right Antler for your Dog

Now, you do obviously have to pick the right one. Some deer antlers (such as Fallow) are softer than others, so they’re going to be better for smaller dogs with less powerful jaws (Shih-tzus, chihuahuas etc!). But your regular deer antlers (usually from a Red Deer) are much harder and takes a real real long time to chew, even for a power chewer!

For puppies, it’s great to get the length cut antlers. They mean your puppy can get to the yummy bit much easier.  (You can even freeze it to make it nice and cold if your pup is teething!)

Try to consider the length too, they’re surprisingly heavy – so try and bear that in mind.

Do try and make sure they’ve been responsibly gotten! I think it’s really important that we, as pet owners, don’t encourage illegal hunting activities. So check and see if they say ‘naturally shed’ these mean that the natural shed a stag goes through is where the antler has been gotten from – and not something much more macabre.

A great company for this is Green & Wilds – I really love them as a company. They have a great approach to business, they’re british and they put their heart into their products (Their treats are pretty awesome too!).

A Note on Responsibility

Do make sure that you watch your puppy with these and pick one that’s not going to be a choke hazard or similar. Kind of goes without saying, right?


The best bit! These are the most value for money chew you’ll ever buy, and they’re fully natural and totally sustainable. They might not be the most exciting chew for a dog? He or she is probably not going to go crazy for it, but they will take a good thirty minutes or more to sit down and chew on it… you could even use it as a great and wholly natural alternative to a Kong!

Alex’s Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Indie’s Rating: ????

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