Product Review: Yakers Dog Chews

Posted On November 10, 2019

You must know by now – if you’ve been following these posts – that I love finding interesting treats for my boy, Indie. I find it’s great to give him some variety, it also gives me an insight into what he particularly loves. This gives me an advantage when I need him to be calm, quiet or particularly focus on something other than what I’m trying to do. Which I’m sure you all understand, is very important!

Curious and loved treat!

So, this experimentation means that I’ve stumbled across Yakers.

They’re a hardened, smoked yak & cow milk cheese. There’s a little lime juice and salt in there to make it turn from milk to cheese (but not using rennet like a lot of cheeses, which interestingly makes it vegetarian!). They’re really interesting and have a lovely smokey smell that even enticed me.

Indie really loved it! He’d get really excited (which is pretty rare for him) every time I got the Yaker chew out for him. I wouldn’t leave it down for him to chew because he would have done the whole thing in one sitting if I let him and they’re quite pricey. So, I picked it up, gave it to him as a treat to keep him out of mischief for 15 or 20 mins.

They’re a ‘slow burn’ sort of chew, they have to chew it and soften it up before parts will come off – Indie managed to crunch a few shards off initially but he figured it out after a short while

Strong bones, clean teeth, happy tums!

Don’t panic – yes lots of dogs are lactose intolerant – but these treats are only 1% lactose. Even Indie’s delicate tummy could manage it. I’d expect most dogs would be the same. If you are, however, worried, maybe try just getting a small one first and see how it affects them.

The treat is largely protein and calcium. The treats are safe for a puppy aged four months and up, which is awesome to help them grow strong. This makes it a healthy treat, if only such a thing existed for people!

It’s largely protein which is excellent for any dog, and given that they can have it from four months and up – and it cleans their teeth too! With an ingredients list you can count on one hand, it’s also grain free and really friendly for sensitive pooches.

How can you ask for more from a treat?


I have heard of it being called Catnip for Dogs – and I can definitely see why!

They are a little pricey for the size, especially if your dog is prone to chomping down on things and swallowing them down. I do strongly recommend only leaving it down for a certain length of time, and letting them get it as a short term treat.

Yakers doesn’t have the longevity of an antler or a kong, but they are definitely a great treat for your dog and especially for a puppy!

Alex’s Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Indie’s Rating: ?????

For locals, this is available at Embark On Raw

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