Puppy Visits

Puppy love!

You want to raise a well adjusted puppy, who gets all the love and attention the little fluff ball deserves! 

But work, life and other commitments are hampering that… you’re worried about leaving your precious little pupper at home, that they’ll be lonely, or hungry, or that their toilet training will suffer.

What you need is someone that can supplement the training, add in time and support your raising of your puppy. Helping you to achieve that well adjusted, friendly, caring and sweet dog that you can see him becoming.

Supporting you with your new puppy

Rove are here to assist by doing exactly that. Support your methods, and help you as much as possible, and even add a little advice where you ask for it! We can feed, walk, cuddle, play and do whatever needs to be done to help your new family member grow. 

This service was created in order to support a very critical process in your dogs development. A great reason Rove are perfect for you is that because as a member of the PDWA, Rove is entirely committed to responsible dog ownership, and continuous development of our knowledge. All of this is there to facilitate your ease of ownership, your trust in Rove and ultimately to help!

We can provide up to two visits a day, where our professional services are brought into your home for usually around 30 mins (Though it can be more if you feel it necessary!).

ROVE are here to help

What you need to do to start arranging these services is to drop us a line! We’ll go through your needs and what we can do, and figure out if we can be of assistance to one another! Part of the service is a long term commitment to your dog and our services; we only take on puppies who will be going on to our walking services when they are able to. Payment for these services are typically done weekly in advance.

Service price

Puppy visits start at £10.



Rove are professional and capable. Alex clearly understood my needs as a pet owner. Would use again.

– Ant


Why does my puppy need visits?

If you’re at work, your puppy will definitely need a wee, and probably some company! Your little one is very young and won’t understand you leaving them for extended periods of time. Now, this is largely unavoidable at some stage in your puppy’s young life – so by getting your little one bonded nicely with someone outside of yourselves is quite crucial.

Rove are here to help in whatever way we can!

Why shouldn’t my puppy go on Group Walks?

Puppies have very limited exercise capabilities, so it’s not recommended to take them out on an hour group walk. This must be done gradually! We thoroughly recommend you have a look at the puppy walking guidelines in the free download below!

Can you feed my puppy whilst you visit?

Of course we can! We know your little one will need more regular feeding than an adult dog, so if the food is prepared, we are happy to put it down for them!

Do you need my dog to be vaccinated?

Yes! You will need to have your dog fully vaccinated before we are allowed to take them out of the house.

Can you split your time for your visit between cuddles and walking as our puppy grows?

Most certainly, this is what we would suggest as the best course of action until your puppy is old enough to join our group walks – a very exciting time!

Puppy visiting service in Essex covering: Basildon, Billericay, Noak Bridge, Pitsea, Laindon & Langdon Hills

Ready to Book?

So, hopefully, you’ve read everything you need to be feeling really positive about your puppy and your journey with Rove! Why not message us!

Get in touch, tell us what you need and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a free meet and greet – here we’ll discuss everything and give you the confidence you need to trust us with your most precious new family member.

ROVE Services

Dog Walking

This is our most frequent service! We take out up to four dogs per walker. We pick them up from your home, and take our fun little group off to one of the local country parks, bridleways or other fun locations.

Your dog will get to run, play, sniff and explore and make lots and lots of new friends.

Puppy Visits

You’ve just gotten a new puppy! Congratulations! I hope that the little one is fitting in nicely at home. Perhaps you need a little extra help to raise those four adorable little paws? Rove can help break up their time at home with puppy visit service.

We can come in, cuddle, play, feed and let them out for a little tinkle.

Cat Feeding

Holidays are so tough when you have to leave a member of your family at home, or even if you’re out for the night and won’t be home until late. As a fantastic alternative to a cattery, Rove are here to help.

Visits can be tailored exactly to what you need, giving you security and peace of mind, not only about your cat but about your home.

Small Animal Visits

Lizard, Hedgehogs, ducks or chickens! It really doesn’t matter how big or small your pet is, Rove are capable to look after your pet whilst you’re away, leaving them in the comfort of their own surroundings and keeping things as normal as possible.

Rove are here to make your life (and your pets!) as easy as possible!

Equestrian Care

Horses need a very particular sort of care, if you’re not there, you can rely on Rove to help! Not everyone is horse confident, let alone knowledgeable and capable.

Would you trust anyone to look out for colic or lameness? We muck out, we groom, we keep your horse as comfortable as possible whilst you’re out of town.

Wedding Chaperoning

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You’ve sorted the guest list, tables, venue and all of that, but there is something missing… your pet.

The quandary becomes how you involve them and still get to do your whole day as planned… a professional wedding chaperone is your way forward.