Getting rid of that one niggling habit your dog has and remembering just how wonderful your dog is…

No dog is perfect, and goodness only knows but they all drive us a little wild sometimes! We face issues every day, whether it’s unwanted chewing, aching shoulders because your dog just charges everywhere when they’re on a lead – or they jump up all the time, and it’s just getting embarrassing…

There is hope for you and your dog! It doesn’t have to be this way. What you want is a dog you can trust in that situation, what you want is for them to just be good. It’s so simple, and yet they don’t.

But they CAN!

I can help you with simple training issues with your dog. With a positive reinforcement approach, we can understand your dogs’ motivations for doing the behaviour, and figure out the best way to solve it – in a way that is kind, loving, and supportive.

I hate to see people having great dogs, but struggling over something desperately simple.

Don’t let that be you!

We can solve these issues together.

Hi, I’m Alex

And I’ve been a professional dog walker for several years. I specialise in big dogs, so I’ve learnt a lot about how to handle them and get the best out of them, whilst helping their pet parents to do the same.

I’m currently studying with the IMDT, in order to help you guys even more! I am, also, the Mum of the wonderful (but reactive) Indie, who is German Shepherd cross. 

I believe in positive training, and I can help you with training basic manners like recall and loose lead walking, along with anxiety issues and reactivity.

Ready to get that issue sorted?

Book a training package of 5 zoom sessions for just £99!

How it works


Book In

We’ll set up and you’ll need to drop me a message to book in your first session! I’ll also send you a little homework questionnaire for you to fill out at LEAST 24hrs prior to your first session.

Private Zoom Sessions

We will use Zoom calls for your 5 sessions (This way I can send you the recording and you have it forever!).

In these calls we’ll run through the specific behaviour adjustments your dog is looking towards, all using positive reinforcement techniques.

Homework Time

You’re going to work your and your woof’s butts off with your homework so you can see and benefit from all of your terribly hard work.

Feel free to send me videos via whatsapp or FB Messenger in the meantime and I can give you some quick notes!


Before session 5, I’ll ask you to complete the questionnaire again, and we’ll see how we’re feeling as we check out of the sessions, and you will see just how much your dog has improved in this time!

So why wait?

Let’s get you and your dog on the same page!

Purchase the package of 5 sessions for £99!

Got questions?

Get in touch to discuss your needs.

Email, call, message, whatever you feel like.