Wedding Chaperoning

The Day

Your furry best friend as ring bearer or as your Best Boy!

So why not make sure they’re accompanied and are there to make your special day extra special!

So, you’ve invited your weird aunty Karen, but man’s best friend doesn’t get an invite? That doesn’t quite seem fair now, does it? But, how do you get them there without the risk repeating the scene from Homeward Bound where Chance eats the wedding cake…? You want them to be in your photos, but you can’t keep your dog as your focus for the whole time. What on earth are you meant to do? Your family aren’t quite so good, and they want to enjoy the day too.

Rove, your pets +1!

What you want is a +1 for your pet. You want to have someone there especially for your dog to make sure they’re behaving and showing how much of a good dog they are! For them to feature in your photos, to do ring bearing duties perhaps? But then to not be forced to stay through your weird aunty Karen doing her macarena… because, really, who needs to see that? Instead, they can go home, get some dinner, take a nap or go off to their chosen boarding facility.

Well, that’s why Wedding Chaperoning is a service your dog needs! They want to be there as much as you want them there. They have been for every other major and minor event in your life, why not this one?


Let Rove take the lead!

Well, you don’t have the time to give your dog all the attention they would need to keep them from being cheeky or unruly, and you certainly don’t want to burden a guest. Yet they’re just so very important to you, and would you day be the same without man’s best friend there to support you? Maybe you want them in your photos? Easy! Want them to ring bear and are willing to put in the training? Awesome! Maybe even to say hi to your guests? Let’s do it.

Rove are able to make this work for you! By taking the lead (literally!), we can keep your dog at the heart of your wedding – or keep them out of the limelight for the less social of our wonderful bunch. All this can be done, and so much more.  The service is entirely bespoke and can involve just photos, or your dogs presence throughout the whole day – but without the stress of splitting your focus.

This service means a huge amount to me. Having gotten married, I wanted nothing more than to bring my boy with me – but everyone who I would trust him with was at the wedding – panic! What would I do? Naturally, my dog is basically my child, and by someone suggesting “Leave him home” was the same as asking me to abandon him! I managed to coax someone into helping us get some photos with him and even dressed him up a little – and consequently? My day was just so much more enjoyable. So, I said, there and then, that I needed to provide this for more than just me, that there were lots of people out there who needed a service, just like this. So, the service sprang into existence!

Service price

Wedding chaperoning visits starts at £400. 

The Details

Now, as I mentioned, the service is entirely bespoke to fit around you, your dog and your very special day. No two weddings are alike and neither are your dogs; so, it’s a varied product. But, the bare bones are;

  • a consultation meeting to discuss the vision.
  • A budget for accessories (Collars, harnesses, leashes etc)
  • A walk before the wedding, 
  • A quick clean up
  • A wedding-ready chaperone
  • Transport to/from venues
  • Presence for ring bearing and/or photos
  • Transport from the venue to home or home boarder

There are (of course!) a whole range of extras that can be wriggled into the day depending on what you need and how long you may want your dog there for. Some ideas of this could be, but are certainly not limited to

  • More time at your wedding
  • Extra walks
  • Full groom
  • Doggy spa treatment
  • Luxury grade doggy accessories

The Happy Ending

Without your pets at your day, is it truly going to be as special? Will you worry and miss them and regret not having mans’ best friend at your side?

Bring Rove as your pet’s +1 and we’ll make sure that they want for nothing, so that you can enjoy your day, stress free and surrounded by everyone dearest to you – and the gorgeous photos to prove it!  

So get in touch, email, call and we’ll book in an appointment to chat about all your needs to make your special day just that bit more special.


My dog isn’t very well trained, what can I do?

Well, first question in response is how much time do you have until your wedding, and the second is how committed are you to getting your dog involved in the wedding! If you think thy may need a trainer, we can do that, or we can set you some homework and send some videos for you to reference!

Could you bring my cat?

That truly depends if your cat is sociable! If they are trained on a harness, I really do not see why not!

Could you bring my horse?

Certainly! But I may need to borrow a horsebox from somewhere!

What if I have more than one dog?

Depending on size and how many? We can arrange for a second or even third chaperone if necessary!

Does the paid time include Rove’s travel time?

Yes, it does! As this service is being put on specifically for your pet, the business costs are all to be covered by the couple. This is set out in the agreement at the consultation.

What sort of accessories can we get?

Well, as we have bespoke things available, you can get anything and everything. Whether you want a pearl-embellished leash, lace collar, a diamante bow tie, or a tux for your little ones, we can source this for you. Flowers look lovely on leashes!

Do we get to keep the accessories?

Yes! Of course! They are yours to keep forever.

Do you have boarding facilities?

We have partners who offer this specially for our wedding guests.

Would you stay at our home with them for some time after the wedding?

Of course! But this does cost extra.

Would you like to see some of the photos?

Of course! But this does cost extra.

Do I need to check anything?

YES. Please check that your venue allows pets. If you do not do this prior to placing your deposit with Rove, and the venue declines you doing this, the deposit is not refundable.

My priority is some lovely photos, what would you recommend?

Take advantage of your dogs natural skill set – if they’re lazy and like laying down? Take a photo laying down with them, or if they sit really well, do that! If they pull on a leash, do that! You want something that’s going to make you smile and look natural. Please do talk to your photographer about this. Rove will also chat to them! This is also super important if your pup is not the most sociable.

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